All in a Day's Walk

A month-long slow food walking performance

Jess Allen | Performance & Ecology

I’m an artist & aerialist from Aberystwyth. (Weirdly, I also have two PhDs, but I put this in brackets because I’m a reluctant academic). My eco-activist performance art takes the form of durational, relational work with/in rural landscapes & communities. For my aerial work see

My current performance art portfolio includes:
Water Treatment Walks (2016)
Drop in the Ocean
All in a Day’s Walk (2012-13) (this site)
Tilting at Windmills (2010)

Typically, I use long-distance walking art to create unexpected meetings, performing one-to-one interventions for unlikely audiences in unusual locations. But I also work with movement, sound, film, installation, food and crafts. I used to be a more conventional eco-activist. But now I simply believe that relational art is a way to acknowledge how we are all participants in a human ecology, which is always already part of a more-than-human, planetary ecology. In my work I try to make meaningful face-to-face connections with strangers, that are set amongst everyday life, at the same time as being ever-so-slightly extra-ordinary.

Trained as a dancer, I’ve also worked as an aerial performer for Full Tilt Aerial Theatre and inclusive (disabled/nondisabled) dance companies Blue Eyed Soul and EVERYBODY Dance. I now teach on the Syrcas Byd Bychan community circus programme at Small World Theatre. Other professional experience includes a decade’s work in conservation for local government, teaching/lecturing (dance improvisation/somatics), and as a facilitator of community projects (art/biodiversity).

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