All in a Day's Walk

A month-long slow food walking performance

Tilting at Windmills

In August 2010, I walked between the 10 wind farms of Mid-Wales, audio-recording the conversations I had with the people I encountered about changing landscape, lifestyle and values in a changing climate. These formed the soundscore for this dance-documentary film made in collaboration with environmentalist film-maker (and my closest friend) Sara Penrhyn Jones. It combines very rough shots filmed by me along the way, with Sara’s footage shot at Mynydd Gorddu wind farm above Bontgoch, near Aberystwyth. It was originally made as an installation film to be projected onto two adjacent gallery walls, allowing the audience their own changing perspectives as they moved around the landscape of the physical space, at the same time as creating breathing space – through sustained shots and slow edits – to contemplate its message. The walk and my reflections are recorded on the Tilting at Windmills blog.

There is also an accompanying artist’s book. Unfortunately, no more copies are available for sale. One resides in the Walking Library.

The experiences of both walking and film-making also formed the subject of an academic paper (which introduced the idea of an ‘activism by stealth’ that itself later gave birth to tracktivism) published in the themed environmentalism edition of RiDE  in 2012. You are welcome to email me about this also.

Finally, Sara also interviewed me talking about the experience of walking and making the film shortly before it was shown at the Courtyard Theatre, Hereford as part of h.Energy 2011:

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Hi Jess —

Am searching for a personal email address to contact you by, to follow up on the possibility of designing a trans-national walking project with you….

Bronwyn (

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