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AWYROL – aerial yoga

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Yn perthyn i’r awyr, yn yr awyr, o’r awyr, wybrennol, atmosfferig; uchel (yn yr awyr), dyrchafedig; yn perthyn i aer, tebyg i aer, hefyd yn ffig. etheraidd; ac ynddo ddigon o awyr iach, wedi ei awyru’n dda; wedi ei gyfansoddi o aer (yn ôl ffiseg a ffisioleg yr Oesoedd Canol):

aerial, celestial, atmospheric; lofty, elevated; pertaining to, or like, air, airy, also fig.ethereal; airy, well-ventilated; airy (according to the physics and physiology of the Middle Ages).


Alongside my performance-making and academic work, for the past decade I’ve also worked as a freelance aerial performer for Full Tilt aerial theatre, Blue Eyed Soul dance company and, most frequently, the inclusive company Everybody Dance.

In 2018 I qualified as an AeroZen aerial yoga teacher with AeroZen founder Amy Linda Miller at the Zen Body yoga studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Awyrol is the name I’m giving to my AeroZen teaching practice in Mid-Wales.

About aerial yoga
Aerial yoga uses a loop of aerial silk – also called a yoga hammock or swing – to reimagine or refine traditional yoga postures, whilst also drawing from aerial circus technique and vocabulary. AeroZen classes generally take the form of movement series, working with breath through different sequences of postures.

AeroZen Fly classes use the hammock rigged at hip height, allowing for a whole range of postures from gentle through deep stretching to acrobatic movement. AeroZen Float classes use the hammock rigged at knee height or lower with the focus on release, gentle mobilisation and deep relaxation.

Aerial yoga has multiple benefits for mind and body:

  • allowing deeper/passive stretching by working with gravity, offering greater release with minimal tension and reduced joint strain;
  • increasing core and upper body strength;
  • encouraging neutral alignment, creating space in the body and decompressing the spine;
  • helping to build confidence, conquer fears, encourage curiosity and deepen relaxation.

AeroZen is intended to be an inclusive practice, offering modifications or alternative postures so that each individual can work at their own level and support their body’s unique needs. You don’t need to be a yogi – and you definitely don’t need to be an aerialist! – to enjoy AeroZen.

Group classes
I teach weekly classes as part of the Syrcas Byd Bychan circus programme at Small World Theatre, Cardigan on Thursdays (3.40-5.10 and 5.10-6.40). Booking is through the theatre: email or call 01239 615952. I teach monthly classes on Sundays (10.30-12 and 12-1.30) at Studio 17 in Whitland. Booking is through Angharad James via her FLOW Fitness Facebook page. Upcoming dates (spring/summer 2019) are Sundays April 7, May 26 and June 16. I’m also teaching taster sessions at the Arts Care Gofal Celf D19 Dance Festival (Torch Theatre, Milford Haven Saturday 27 April and Ffwrnes, Llanelli Saturday 4 May) and Gwanwyn Festival (Studio 17, Sat/Sun 11-12 May).

Meanwhile, I’m always looking for venues to teach classes and workshops across Ceredigion and Powys; wherever it’s possible to rig the hammocks and fly! Please do get in touch if you are or know of a suitable venue and would like to host a class. Ideally, venues for aerial yoga need to be warm, with a good clean floor and – most importantly – with strong exposed structural beams or RSJs (I beams) around which it’s possible to loop a sling/strop from which to rig the hammocks. If you know of such a venue in your area, I can come and investigate!

One-to-one sessions
Finally, I teach one-to-one classes in Aberystwyth. Please do get in touch if you’d like to book a session specifically tailored to your individual needs or interests. I can offer a general introduction to the practice or focus on developing your own specific skills or simply building confidence in movement practice.

Please email me or call 07949 474155 to book a one-to-one session, to enquire about a workshop or regular class in your area or with any questions you may have about the practice.

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