All in a Day's Walk

A month-long slow food walking performance

The Summer Recipes

Below you will find recipes for:

Elderflower and mint tea
Duck egg salad
Cauldron broth
Beetroot, pea and mint salad
Beef and oat burgers
Oat cakes
Three Counties flapjacks

Elderflower and mint tea

2-3 heads of elderflower, freshly picked (<0.1 miles)
Handful fresh mint leaves (herb spiral in garden, <0.01 miles)
Honey to taste (Hope Mansell, 3.5 miles)

1. Ingeniously using your storm kettle, some (local) newspaper, twigs, leaves, pine cones and other woody detritus collected on dog walks, boil some water (depending on the capacity of your kettle, 1 L is good).
2. Pour over the elderflower heads and fresh mint leaves.
3. Leave to steep for 5-6 mins. If the elderflower heads were in full bloom, the liquid should be a golden yellow colour.
4. Drink hot or leave to cool and steep overnight and drink for breakfast with ice and a little honey.

Elderflower and mint tea

Storm kettle 1

Duck egg salad

Duck eggs (2-3) (Aston Crews, 1.47 miles)
Bowful of lettuce leaves (garden, <0.01 miles)
Handful of chard (young leaves), shredded (Ruardean, 4.7 miles)
Handful of spinach, shredded (Ruardean, 4.7 miles)
Young broad bean pods, sliced (Lea allotments, <1 mile)
Fresh basil, mint, chives, parsley, hot oregano (herb spiral in garden, <0.01 miles)
Melted butter to taste (Netherend, 15 miles)

1. Using your storm kettle (see above), boil up some duck eggs (it’s hens eggs in the kettle pic but you get the idea)
2. Serve on a bed of the salad ingredients, tossed together with the melted butter (or an oil-based salad dressing, if you can find olive oil or rapeseed oil in walking distance: I can’t)

Duck eggs from Aston Crews

Storm kettle eggs

Cauldron broth

10 new potatoes (next door field)
2 onions (Over Farm, 12.2 miles)
10 pea pods, shelled (Over Farm, 12.2 miles)
10 broad bean pods, shelled (Over Farm, 12.2 miles)
1 cauliflower, broken into florets (Over Farm, 12.2 miles)
3 courgettes, thickly sliced (Over Farm, 12.2 miles)
Selection of herbs: mint, basil, parsley, hot oregano (herb spiral in garden, <0.01 miles)
Knob butter (Netherend Farm, 15.5 miles)

1. Lower the cauldron nearer the fire until piping hot and add butter
2. Lift cauldron a few chain notches and add onion; fry until clear
3. Add potatoes for a bit, fiddling with chain to get the right kind of heat (not too frazzly)
4. Add enough water to cover; bring to the boil (fiddle with chain as appropriate)
5. Simmer until potatoes nearly tender and add remaining veg and herbs
6. Simmer for another 5 minutes only
7. Taste and serve

Serves 2 for 2-3 days.


IMG_5484 Vegetables and herb spiral

Beetroot, pea and mint salad


1 medium beetroot, peeled and cubed (garden, <0.01 miles)
5-10 pea pods (garden, <0.01 miles)
handful lettuce leaves, torn (garden, <0.01 miles)
handful spinach leaves, torn (Ruardean, 4.7 miles)
handful sorrel leaves, torn (Ruardean, 4.7 miles)
handful mint (herb spiral in garden, <0.01 miles)

1. Prepare veg as above
2. Lie the beetroot, peas and mint on a bed of the torn leaves
3. Eat and enjoy noting the contrasting textures – sweet, juicy, crunchy square beet against smooth, round pea and leafiness of leaves. Be momentarily mournful or grateful that beetroot has not been used in mumpets.

'It's hard to tell which is which...'

Beef and oat burgers

500g minced Hereford beef (Hope’s Ash Farm, 3.4 miles)
1 onion, very finely chopped (Over Farm, 12.2 miles)
1 egg, beaten (Aston Crews, 1.47 miles)
3 large handfuls fresh mint, chopped (herb spiral in garden, <0.01 miles)
2 large handfuls porridge oats (Pimhill Farm, 80.4 miles)
Butter for greasing (Netherend Farm, 15.5 miles)

1. Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix well with hands until all combined. Add more oats if too sticky.
2. Take large handfuls of the mixture and form into patties, dusting with more oats as necessary.
3. Place on a greased (lightly buttered) baking sheet and bake at 180 degrees C for 20-25 minutes.

Hereford Bull

Oat cakes

200 g jumbo oats, milled to coarse flour (Pimhill Farm, 80.4 miles)
200 g porridge oats (Pimhill Farm, 80.4 miles)
75 g butter (Netherend Farm, 15.5 miles)
Boiling water

1. In a large bowl, combine oats and oat flour and rub in the butter.
2. Add sufficient boiling water to form a firm, moist dough (but not too sticky)
3. Leave to rest for 10-15 mins
4. On an oat-floured surface, roll out to approximately 3 mm thickness
5. Cut out into rounds using an upturned glass or biscuit cutter (5-7 cm). Or just freestyle, any shape.
6. Bake at 190 degrees C for 20-30 mins

Oatcakes 2 Oat cakes 1

Three Counties flapjacks

400 g Shropshire jumbo oats (Pimhill Farm, 80.4 miles)
100 g Shropshire jumbo oats, milled into flour (Pimhill Farm, 80.4 miles)
6 tbsp Herefordshire honey (Gorsley, 4.3 miles)
250 g Gloucestershire butter (Netherend Farm, 15.5 miles)

1. Melt butter with honey in a large pan
2. Add oats and oat flour and mix thoroughly
3. Press into a parchment-lined baking tray
4. Bake at 150 degrees C for 25 mins (chewy) OR 190 degrees C for 30 mins (crunchy)
(For more deliberation on the chewy vs. crunchy flapjack debate – very important in context of impending ecological crisis, natch – see Guardian article here.)

Oats on the way up May Hill

The old (winter performance) recipes are available to compare in the winter archive.

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