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All in a Day’s Walk 2

It’s 6 months on from the completion of the first performance of All in a Day’s Walk and it was a more profound experience – for me, at least – than I could have anticipated. And it’s been something that seems to have stirred a certain amount of curiosity in others. Since 6th Jan, I’ve been invited to talk at various events and gatherings (including at the Fownhope Carbon Rationing Action Group, the Dragon Orchard Cropsharers, the Spring Greens Fair for New Leaf and the Ledbury Ox Roast for the Ledbury Food Group) and I have been truly delighted by the conversations and thoughts that it has spawned (e.g. would it be more ecological to eat rabbits rather than chick peas? ). This has made me ponder: is this post-performance discussion the true nature of the participation or even the activism inherent in tracktivism? But that’s another story for another time…

One recurring question has been: how would the experience have been different at a different time of year? (Or in a different place, or in a different country, or the same time of year in a different year, or even the same time of year for 6 consecutive years.) Ever the scientist, I’m curious too: I want to repeat the experiment with a seasonally shifted set of perturbations. But also an artist, I’m conscious that I can bend the rules and that you can never step into the same river twice…

So, right now, I’m deciding on the new rules (or if I just bend the old ones), pondering the new questions, choosing the next location (I’m in-between old and new homes), and (it being nearly the 6th of the 6th), I’m ruminating on the significance of the number six to the climate and my practice (given that this is the number of degrees of global warming that even ‘orthodox organisations’ believe we may now be committed to). If you have any requests or suggestions for the next performance, please get in touch or post as comments to this page. The countdown begins…

Jess Allen 06/06/13
(currently still at) Caplor Farm, Fownhope, Herefordshire HR1 4PT

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