All in a Day's Walk

A month-long slow food walking performance

The Summer Rules

1. I will live entirely within the distance I’m able to walk away from home in a day

2. I will only eat food that has been grown, processed and sold within this distance

3. I will only walk and not accept lifts, use public transport or cycle

4. I will not accept food or drink from friends or guests that does not meet the above criteria

5. I will walk as frequently as I can and as far as I need to or am able

6. I will not adhere to the rules so rigidly as to compromise my ability to walk

Rule # 5 is an attempt to articulate the commitment to substantial and sustained walking that I wish to be at the core of this performance and my tracktivist practice: however, as I now walk everyday with our dogs, during this month there will be an inevitable blurring between walking for food (‘performing’) or walking the dogs (‘everday’) particularly when I choose to combine both)

Rule #6 means that if I’m really struggling to obtain sufficient calories to support my walking to obtain them, I will allow myself to supplement my diet with produce from outside my walking distance, whilst remaining as local as possible. But only if absolutely necessary.

You might like to compare these with the winter rules (those from the first performance, December 2012 – January 2013). Some of the rules have changed or been adapted to accommodate my new living place, and some of the lessons learned from my winter performance experiences. Some of the old rules were impractical or impossible to adhere to in my new location or at all. I’m also using artistic licence to be kinder to myself this time…

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