All in a Day's Walk

A month-long slow food walking performance

The Summer Questions

1. How will it be different from before? (overwhelming memories of dramatic weightloss, cider-consumption and wassailing)

2. Will it be easier to do this in summer? (extreme sun and berries vs. extreme mud and potatoes)

3. Do I want it to be? (a certain environmentalist satisfaction derived from denial, the aesthetics of ascetics perhaps?)

4. Will I meet more people? (in the rains of December, everyone was hibernating)

5. How will I need to cheat? (cheating seems inevitable, but it’s how and why that’s interesting)

6. Who is selling and producing local food here? (other than the industrial potato farmer opposite)

7. Why do they do it? (passion or profit or both?)

8. Do people here know where their food comes from? (not just the village shop)

9. Do people here care where their food comes from? (not just the supermarket)

10. Does local food matter at all? (an irksome provocation from Jay Rayner who thinks that worrying about food miles is missing the point)

11. How far will I walk for what matters to me to eat?  (how far will my need or greed take me? 34 miles for raw organic milk, or 3 for some regular pasteurised?)

12. How much self-doubt about whether I’m really an activist can I fit into one performance project?

13. Can I keep my temperamental storm kettle going long enough to cook on? (I miss my woodburner; its absence like a hole in the heart(h))

You might like to compare these with the winter questions (from the first performance December 2012 – January 2013). If you have any further questions that you’re curious about or that you’d like to me address (or ask the people I meet) please leave comments to this page or email me.

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