All in a Day's Walk

A month-long slow food walking performance

The Winter Rules

1. I will live entirely within the distance I’m able to walk away from home and back in a day (even if I don’t necessarily return home, I must be able to)

2. I will only eat food that has been grown, processed and sold within this distance (thus excluding salt, pepper, herbs or any other locally grown food stuff from a different season that I have not already stored/prepared: aside from nettle and comfrey tea, I am very unprepared. Oh and if I buy local food that is sold somewhere different from where it was grown within this distance, I will also walk to where it was grown.)

3. I will use only the energy that has been generated within this distance (i.e. electricity solar/wind power from the farm; cooking, space- and water-heating from locally-sourced wood in my wood burner; necessarily excluding visits to friends’ houses)

4. I will walk for 6 days a week

5. I will not accept lifts

6. I will not accept food or drink from friends or guests that does not meet the above criteria

The rules from the second, summer performance are available to compare here.

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