All in a Day's Walk

A month-long slow food walking performance

The Winter Maps

Sat 8th Dec

Caplor to Yare Farm and Alfords Mill to Caplor | Blog Daily Bread

Sun 9th Dec
Caplor to Brockhampton to Caplor | Blog Mumpets and miracles

Mon 10th Dec
Caplor to Eign Gate, Hereford along Wye Valley Walk in darkness | Blog My knapsack full of sourdough

Tues 11th Dec
Hereford City Centre to Caplor via Mordiford Mill and Fownhope | Blog Local hangover for local people

Weds 12th Dec
Caplor fields and water troughs Rough Patch – Banky Field – Rough Patch – Tacklizer – Rough Patch | Blog SLOW

Thurs 13th Dec
Caplor to Much Marcle and Weston’s Cider Mill to Caplor | Blog ‘We ate with the seasons’

Sun 16th Dec
Caplor to Mancell’s Ferry and Fownhope to Caplor | Blog Fownhope Farm Shop

Mon 17th Dec
Caplor to Yare Farm and Woolhope to Caplor | Blog ‘So that we don’t carbon ourselves into oblivion’

Tues 18th Dec
Caplor to Fownhope Post Office to Caplor | Blog Solar and salad

Weds 19th Dec
Caplor to Whitehouse Farm and How Caple to Caplor | Blog Pasture and pasteurisation

Thurs 20th Dec
Caplor to Fownhope Post Office to Medical Centre to Caplor | Blog SLOW flooding

Fri 21st Dec
Caplor to Dragon Orchard, Putley along Marcle Ridge in moonlight | Blog Winter solstice

Sat 22nd Dec
Dragon Orchard, Putley to Caplor via Sollers Hope | Blog Once Upon a Tree

Tues 25th Dec
Caplor to Woolhope to Caplor for Christmas at The Crown | Blog Christmas @ The Crown

Fri 28th Dec
Caplor to Hoarwithy to Caplor and Caplor to the New Inn, Fownhope to Caplor  | Blog Little green shoots of change

Mon 31st Dec
Caplor to Stoke Edith to Newton Cross to Caplor | Blog Personal horizon (or Stoke Edith in search of swedes)

Weds 2nd Jan
Caplor to Aconbury (Merrivale Organics) to Little Dewchurch (Henclose Organics) to Carey (Carey Organics) to Caplor | Blog Organic Wednesday

Thurs 3rd Jan
Caplor to Lea | Blog Late Calennig in Lea

Friday 4th Jan
Lea to Deep Dean to Ross-on-Wye to Caplor | Blog Hearth is where the home is…

Sat 5th Jan
Caplor to Ledbury to Woolhope to Caplor | Blog Wassail at Woolhope

The maps from the second, summer performance are available to compare here.

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